Unity Systems Inc - Program Management, Software Development and Systems Engineering Services

Program Management, Software Development and Systems Engineering Services

Program Management
USI has trained individuals with areas of expertise in program management. They are familiar with all phases of the project life cycle from project initiation to planning a project for success. Our people are committed to executing the plan with accuracy by identifying any risks and associated mitigations. Controlling costs and schedules are given top priorities. This is the reason our Program Management team is so effective. We provide solutions to support our customers through all phases of a project and that results in effectively closing out projects for all stakeholders. Our company has over 30+ years of program management experience.

Software Development
USI has extensive experience in developing client/server systems for our customers and technology partners. With skills in Java, C, C++, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, PowerBuilder, and Lotus Script, USI personnel are able to automate application deployment and other mundane administrative tasks. This has enabled our customers more time to be effective in what they do best. We offer various levels of support from one-on-one tutorials to application customization and full development.

Systems Engineering Services
USI has a dedicated team of professional systems engineers. Our unique systems thinking allows for any complex system to be assessed, analyzed, and improved upon. USIís Systems Engineering Services includes Systems Engineering Processes, Development Phasing and Life Cycle Integration. When combined together they produce accurate baselines, life-cycle planning and integrated teaming. This core product has produced significant reduction in costs for our customers.